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Salary Advace Loan - Kingsban Capital

Do you have an emergency or an urgent need for cash before your next payday? Our Salary Advance Products shall sort your need now. As a salaried employee, there are times when you may run short out of cash and need a quick loan to take you through till your salary is paid. Kingsban Capital Microfinance has Salary Advance Loan with flexible terms of payment to get you covered.

Our services are as per the convenience of our clients. All the terms and conditions of the loans are made known to the clients to maintain our core value of Transparency.

We finance employees of reputable companies in Ghana with evidence of salary payment for the last six months. The facility can be used to fund emergencies such as school fees, hospital bills, wedding expenses, funeral expenses, etc.

  • Duly signed application form
  • Valid National ID
  • Three months pay slips (for salaried employees only)
  • Six months certified bank statements
  • Two passport photos
  • Post dated cheques for the duration of loan
  • Employment contract (for salaried employees only)
  • Duly filed and signed loan agreement
Please visit a Kingsban Capital Microfinance branch near you or call 02447774443 or e-mail us:

How to get our Quick Loan in 3 steps from Kingsban Capital


Carefully go through the requirements for a quick payday loan and if satisfied, fill the online loan application form adequately and submit it to get started. Apply For Quick Loan Here


After application, you will be contacted by one of our agents to proceed to the documentation stage where the required documents will be submitted for inspection and approval.


If your documents are in order with our policies, the salary advance loan is then approved and your funds disbursed quickly directly to your bank account all within 24 hours.

Need Assistance?

Applying for a salary advance loan is extremely simple. You can ring our offices during working hours on 0244777666.